Facebook May Transform ‘Messenger’ Into The New WhatsApp

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The social media giant might be planning to announce new functionality during the F8 conference that could blur the lines between WhatsApp and their native Messenger app.

Messaging applications are becoming a serious threat to Facebook?s lion?s share of the mobile Internet space. The social media giant is apparently aware of this and rumor has it that Zuckerberg?s team is planning to expand its Messenger app to offer several new features and probably merge it with the popular company-owned WhatsApp messenger. This speculated complete platform transformation is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming F8 Conference next week.

New features

If you love WhatsApp?s practical simplicity but enjoy Messenger?s cool features and wide reach, you might be in for a treat as Facebook is set to announce major changes to their in-house messaging platform in a few days. Of course, nothing is certain and the update may be rolled out separately for each of the company?s various applications. But given the direction that the mobile industry is heading, tech watchers are assuming that this impending overhaul will blur the lines between Facebook-owned WhatsApp, currently the world?s most popular messaging client, and their instant messaging service aptly named Messenger.

TechCrunch, citing ?multiple sources,? reports that Facebook wants to turn Messenger into a platform in itself. It seems that the first step is to let you pay your friends through the app. Soon, you may be able to use it to browse content posted by friends, message your mobile operator, or watch the latest viral videos.

It is said that the social network?s goal is inspired by what Line, Snapchat, and WeChat — all of these offer far more features than just messaging. The latter allows you to see what your friends are up to in its News Feed-like ?Moments? tab, lets you send stickers, voice clips, and more. Meanwhile, Line has similar perks along with the option to follow your favorites celebrity, sports team.

Learning from previous mistakes

In line with netizen?s general distaste for everything spam-related, TechCrunch further mentioned that avoiding spam is likely to be the single most important factor that Facebook will try to implement in this messaging app update. The social network?s previous Open Graph algorithm made it a hub for services and gaming spams.As such, Facebook will have to be really careful not to allow third party sources to litter its new messaging app?s interface.

F8 — Facebook?s own developer conference

With all of those in mind, you now have a taste of what to expect when Facebook kicks off its F8 Developer Conference on Wednesday and Thursday at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. However, knowing whether Messenger will be transformed into a new, rebooted WhatsApp isn?t the only big revelation to be unwrapped at the event. It may also be the venue where Facebook will make important announcements for its Oculus VR headsets and Instagram, it?s equally popular photo-sharing application.



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