Facebook Lite Released For Low-End Android Users: How To Install Directly

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Users in emerging countries can now enjoy a faster Facebook experience even in 2G networks with the new Facebook Lite app. (Image courtesy of Google Play)

The most popular social networking site in the world has quietly launched a new Android app called Facebook Lite. How is it different from regular Facebook? Read on and find out.

What is Facebook Lite?

As the name suggests, Facebook Lite is a simpler and more straightforward version of the social network?s Android app that works efficiently in areas with limited network connectivity. Like it?s full-featured brother, this Lite version allows you to browse through the News Feed, post your own photos or updates, as well as give and receive comments on posts.

Upon looking at its interface, it reminds us of the one you see when you access the Facebook site on a mobile web browser. It is specifically designed to work on 2G networks, quick to load, and claims to be efficient with data. To lessen its digital footprint, the app has integrated its messaging within itself. If you use the regular version, you?ll be redirected to the separate Messenger app when you try to send a personal message to a friend.

List of supported countries

Facebook?s goal is to offer a more fluid experience even when a user owns a lower-end Android device or when they live in an area with slower Internet capabilities. According to TechCrunch, Facebook Lite is being rolled out in a limited basis and is only downloaded from Google Play in the following countries: Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

How to manually download (or sideload) Facebook Lite

If you?re outside the said locations, you won?t be able to download Facebook Lite. That?s unfortunate because there are people who may still appreciate a version of Facebook that has less clutter and can theoretically run faster. If you?re one them, you may have to thank folks from Android Community who managed to provide an apk installer for Facebook Lite. You can download the apk file here to begin sideloading it to your Android phone or tablet.


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