Facebook Lifestage App: Is It Available For Android Phones?

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Facebook Lifestage App
Facebook Lifestage App Launch

The Facebook Lifestage App is the newest baby of the social networking giant. Basically, it can do what Snapchat does, but more than that, it lets teens creep into each other even if they are complete strangers.

Lifestage is Facebook’s newest attempt at proving that Facebook can indeed lure today’s generation who are into Snapchat for chat, Tinder for dates and Venmo for money. It even has a “backward” age restriction. You cannot view other user’s profiles if you are over 22 years old.

Facebook Lifestage App is only available on iOs devices for now. The Facebook Lifestage App is simply an app where you can create your own profile via photos or videos. You can include your likes and dislikes, facial expressions, your best buds, etc. You need to have over 20 people from one school to sign up before it becomes “unlocked.” Only then can you view other video profiles from your school.

This is part of Facebook’s goal to become more focused on videos. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reiterated how crucial video consumption will be very soon. This serves as a heads-up that the social media giant’s attempt in video domination will be anything but over. Whether or not Lifestage will succeed is another story.

Some of the main concerns now are the issues on privacy and security. Facebook already warned that everything you post in there will always be viewable by everyone in and out of your school. There will be no limitations as to the number of people who can view your videos. Also, they cannot confirm that the people claiming to be attending a certain school, are really in that school. Everything you upload are public content.

Feels a bit creepy, doesn’t it? It can be especially when you are putting your personal information for all the world to see. Besides, pedophiles can simply fake their profiles to lure teens into their arms. Sounds a bit harsh, but true.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best and be as competitive as you can be, but hopefully, the Facebook Lifestage App will also make privacy and security their top priority.

TheBitBag will keep you posted the moment Facebook Lifestage App lands on Android! Hit us back with your feedback on the comments below.


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