Facebook Launches Mobile Ad Network for App Install Ads; Takes On AdMob of Google, MoPub of Twitter and Millennial Media

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Facebook Launches Mobile Ad Network for App Install Ads; Takes On AdMob of Google, MoPub of Twitter and Millennial Media

The mobile ad network arena is getting exciting.

Google’s Ad Mob, Twitter’s MoPub, and rising small players like Millennial Media, will be getting some stiff competition from social networking leader Facebook.

A mobile ad network, where companies offer ?app install? ads, and where they can sell ads of other people’s apps, is becoming a very lucrative industry in itself. Facebook, after generating revenue of US$ 1.24 Billion dollars from mobile ads in its own platform, plans to expand its reach and sell more ads on apps outside its domain.

Many people, especially investors of Facebook, have long wanted them to create an ad network for some time now. And finally, the time has come as Facebook will reportedly launch its ad network during the F8 Developer conference on April 30, at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco.

This Facebook ad network is considered to be a major development for the social networking company, as it will be able to take advantage of its massive network of billion +++ users, as it pitches ads to developers and publishers of mobile apps. This move will translate into very big earnings from apps ?outside the Facebook site.

Media inquiries on this matter have, however, been met with silence from Facebook officials. Nevertheless, tech analysts say that there is no surprise at this move by Facebook. Last January 2014, Facebook announced that it was conducting tests that are ?like a mobile ad network? where they sell ads of apps of other companies.

They added that in the past, Facebook focused its efforts on selling ads on the Facebook website and it was only in the last 3 months of 2013 that Facebook mobile ads made a significant contribution to its coffers. It would be interesting, they say to look at Facebook’s 1st Quarter earnings, which will be released in a few days, and see how much mobile ads contributed to the total.

A large part of the mobile ad earnings reportedly comes from ?app install? advertising where users are prompted to interact with already installed apps or download new apps. The app install advertising product was originally a ?second thought? in Facebook’s strategy for mobile advertising. The project was then only worked on by a team of two, comprised of platform leader Mike Vernal and another engineer.

Because of the economic success of the ?app install? advertising product, Vernal has been promoted to VP of Engineering in charge of platform and other areas, and is considered as a member of the inner circle of Mark Zuckerberg, the so called M-Team.
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