Facebook Launches Android Messenger Beta Program to Squish Chat Bugs

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Facebook launched an Android Messenger beta program with multiple automatic updates for bug fixes and new features every week. The Facebook for Android beta tier was a success with over 1 million testers who helped fix the bugs before updates go out to hundreds of millions of users. The social network giant is creating a faster and more stable Messenger to keep up with the tight competition in messaging.

Facebook: Performance and Reliability are Important

According to Facebook, performance and reliability are two important aspects of any product. This is especially true for a high quality messaging product, where users want their messages to be delivered right away. The Android Beta program is a helpful tool in letting users learn the mobile performance improvements of Facebook. The beta program was launched in June 2013 with testers from over 150 countries.

Users that can withstand glitches and explore features that suddenly disappear are encouraged to file reports on bugs and their level of satisfaction. They may not receive anything material in return, but they contribute in aiding hundreds of millions of users to enjoy a better Messenger experience.

How to Join the Beta Program


If you wish to join the Android Messenger Beta program, simply follow these steps:

  • Join the Google Group: Messenger for Android Beta Testers
  • Download the beta program by clicking Become a Tester found in the Play Store.
  • Update your app by downloading Facebook Messenger from Play Store
  • Turn on the automatic updates because there will be a weekly update from the beta program.

Will Apple Offer its Own Beta System?

Facebook?s move with the Android beta program could signal Apple?s increasing desire to have its own beta system. The Mac maker has been reluctant since it prefers a simple and consistent experience, so all users receive a production ? ready app. Facebook uses a complicated way of testing in which its own iOS app contains various interfaces that show up to different users. It allows the social network giant to test its iOS apps on a large audience, but does it on users who are less tolerant of bugs as compared to those who signed up for the beta program.

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