Facebook is the Highest Rated Tech Company for Internships, Says Glassdoor

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People looking for companies for internship should head first to Facebook to try their luck. The social media giant has been rated by Glassdoor as the highest rated company for internship. The jobs website that offer commentary and reviews on workplaces all over the U.S has compiled a list of companies offering the best internship experience. The said company based their rankings on intern feedback and came up with a top 25 list. Companies like Google and Apple also made it to the list.

Sample Interview Question from Facebook


Glassdoor also shared a sample interview question of Facebook to potential interns. On one interview, Facebook asked something about determining the number of expected loops when you randomly pull one end from the bag of N strings. The question went on with the potential intern imagining pulling out another end from the bag and tying the two ends together and doing the same thing again from two more string ends taken inside the bag.

The potential intern is asked to repeat the process until there are no more loose ends left out of the bag. After answering a tough question like this, aspiring employees went on to enjoy their stay with the company.

Other Highest Rated Tech Companies Revealed


Setting aside Facebook, here are some of the companies included in the list:

  • Google ? This company had the number one spot in 2012 and 2013, but Facebook edged it out.
  • Qualcomm ? This company is famous for designing mobile technology and followed just behind Google. Interns were reported to be considered for a full time position or return internship opportunities.
  • Epic Systems ? This company ranked number 5 in the overall list, but landed at number 4 among tech giants. They were reported to have great staff support and expects interns to learn a lot.
  • Intel ? The company came in sixth overall, but fifth among tech companies due to its plans to cut jobs.
  • Microsoft ? This tech giant landed seventh on the overall list, but came in sixth among tech companies.
  • Apple ? The Mac maker achieved worldwide success, but only landed at number 9 on the overall list.

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