Facebook is Taking Major Actions to Give Our Privacy Back

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Facebook Privacy
Facebook Privacy

Facebook has been under fire with online privacy debates for some time, and now, it is taking action?on how to do things right.?

For years, Facebook has been on the hot seat for issues regarding privacy. Sure, it is a social networking site and you ought to share things in it, but there is some stuff that? you just don?t intend to publicly share with everybody. Some apps and games expose ?personal? information on your wall and this isn?t something you would always like to happen. Privacy issues, here and there. Facebook, however, unveiled a new policy that will fix just that.

Mark Zuckerberg himself announced at Facebook?s previous f8 event, that users will be able to sign up for third party apps on Facebook without having their personal information ?broadcasted? on their public walls, let alone, a single piece of info about them signing up for the said app.


?Some people are scared by pressing this blue button,? Zuckerberg stated, in which he was referring to ?Log in with Facebook? buttons with Apps all around the internet, and certain Software as ?Service platforms. ?If you?re using an app that you don?t completely trust or you?re worried might spam your friends, you?re not going to give it a lot of permissions.?

Instead of having to go through all the trouble tweaking some of the settings in your Facebook account?s privacy (which won?t make too much sense if the third party application is too restrictive), Facebook will now allow users to easily withhold their personal info.

?Even if you don?t want an app to know who you are yet, you still want a streamlined process for signing in,?

You can now anonymously try out and download apps without any fear and it won?t cost you any convenience in the process.

Privacy problems have been a major issue on the internet recently and Mark Zuckerberg (he even called Obama to express his frustration with the recent issues regarding NSA Govenrment spying), along with the whole Facebook team, is on a campaign to make sure their users’ security is on the top of their priorities.

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