Facebook Intent to Disable Messenger from the Main App on Phones and Gadgets

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While the web version of the messenger stays integrated with, its mobile counterpart has already started to be separated by Facebook from its main application.

It started in the previous months when the call feature in the messenger had been developed, and this has been the tipping point why you should download the Facebook Messenger. Only those with the messenger app?can experience the call feature in the Facebook environment.

Recently, Facebook?s drive to download its Messenger has been fortified especially when somebody ?pings? you if you?re using a mobile device. Continuous notification will be experienced in the next few days until the Messenger?s complete disintegration from the main Facebook app. This will be true for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

While most users welcome the bold move, knowing that the functionality for both apps will be more ?focused and enhanced?, a portion of its users still find it awkward to run 2 applications just for Facebook. This enhancement may actually cause more battery energy consumption from the users? device. However, a long term possibility of getting the main Facebook app working faster and more efficient will be soon achievable.

News sprouted that prior to this significant split, Facebook was not able to maintain that section of their app really well. As a result, it prevented any improvement to take place for both functionalities. Now, there?s enough room to throttle each app to maximum utilization: the main app for ?shrinked? size yet speedy transitions and the messenger app for chat, voice convo?s, sticker exchange and other possible innovation.

Facebook seems to wisely and completely capture the market for messaging. On a business point of view, it intends to abolish one?s thought of finding any other app when all of your contacts are in Facebook anyway. Through this, you avoid the hassle of doing invites since almost everyone in the planet has a Facebook account, and that they are automatically reachable thru the Messenger. Facebook?s reported US$ 19 billion acquisition of WhattsApp is a blatant proof that it is serious, more than ever, in its messaging venture.

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