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Facebook Glitch Causes Reposting of Old Updates and Photos, Is There a Fix?

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Facebook is definitely one of the most popular social media sites in the whole world today. The site allows people to share their updates and photos with their friends no matter where they may be. Some users though have reported a Facebook glitch recently which causes their old updates and photos to get re-posted on the site. This has caused many to try and search online for a possible Facebook glitch fix to help get things back to normal.

Facebook would normally have certain events and gimmicks to help keep their users engaged. Recently, they launched the Year in Review feature which summarizes all the Facebook related events for the user for the past year. The feature is certainly very interesting, unfortunately it may also be the cause of the recent Facebook glitch.

Facebook Glitch

According to Gizmodo, some Facebook users reported the glitch of having old photos and posts being re-posted on their Timeline out of the blue. This glitch was reported to have started after the user checked out the Year in Review feature.

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While posting old photos and statuses may not seem like too bad, it did cause a lot of confusion for the friends of many Facebook users. Countless people use Facebook to update their friends and family about the happenings in their lives and re-posting old news will certainly cause a lot of confusion.

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Just imagine suddenly waking up and finding an old photo of you with your ex or a previous Facebook rant about a close friend getting re-posted on your Timeline. This is certainly going to cause a lot of trouble with many current relationships.

Facebook Glitch Fix

At the moment the exact cause of the Facebook glitch is still not known. The social media giant though is surely working on a possible fix to try and solve the issue once and for all.

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Expect an announcement from Facebook soon once they have finally discovered a fix for the glitch. Be sure to check back here in the near future to be updated on this developing story.


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