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Facebook Does Not Allow Chat Feature in Smartphones Anymore

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Facebook Does Not Allow Chat Feature in Smartphones Anymore

Menlo Park, California ? Facebook announces that its phone application will no longer allow its users to chat with friends.

There is one solution that they have provided and that is to download another application that is solely for chatting. They have started pulling it out in Europe already. They have not done it with all of the smartphones globally yet, but they are already doing it fast to give way to the new standalone application for talking to friends.

They are currently giving notifications to people who are not affected yet. They will be given a few more days to enjoy this app before the personal deadline given by the huge social network company.

More Focused Experience Whenever Talking to Friends

Just like how they say it, the Internet will always find a way for it to be used. In the case of Facebook, they are looking at the chances of opening a new window for chat because they want their users to enjoy it exclusively. This could mean that they will spend more time on it. This could also mean that they will get more profit from the additional download.

Also, messaging is something so essential to any application today. Facebook was not really made for it, but now that it has become so important, you will see everyone do all kinds of things just to get on the top of the apps for messengers. KakaoTalk, WeChat, Kick, and so much more apps are there to compete.

The Billion-Worth Success of Facebook

In just a year, Facebook earns as much as $3.3 billion. This is the best that a social networking site could make. Mark Zuckerberg, the 29-year old behind this huge invention, is earning as much as $25.7 billion annually. This is because he owns 426.3 million shares from all of stock of the social networking site.

It is commonly compared with Twitter, another social networking site that recently joined the stock market. However, there are so many differences in terms of marketing and in its overall format. They could be both for people who want to share their thoughts online and those want to connect with friends, but people use both very differently.

Facebook is doing the right thing. Continuous change will bring them better and better profit. However, these changes should also be apt to their users. Do you think they made the right decision with the messenger?

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