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Facebook Digital Break-up Tool Gets Personal: How To Handle Your Heartbreak Online

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Facebook has introduced new Digital Breakup tools in its website aiming to manage break-ups between people in romantic relationships

Facebook has announced the testing of its ?Digital Breakup? tools for mobile users of its service in United States. Facebook will prompt users to try out these new tools in case of change in their relationship status to single.?The Facebook digital breakup tools intend to ease up the tension of break-ups between people by slowly limiting their interactions instead un-friending or blocking which causes much more pain. According to TechCrunch?digital breakup tools feature a new option that allows users to see less of their ex thorough turning off the posts of said person in the News Feed. Facebook also turns off the auto-suggestions that prompt users to message or tag their ex in photos. Facebook also doesn?t notify the other person as to the changes made by the user.

Secondly the users can limit what their ex sees of their new post of photos, videos and status updates. In this option you can either maintain your current privacy settings or choose to hide your posts from your former partner. This would mean your ex would only see those posts where you explicitly tagged them, shared publicly or shared on mutual friends? timeline. Lastly the users can edit their past posts with their former partner to change as to who can see their posts. Also the tools give option to edit or remove the tags from the past posts of their former partner which can either be done on a individual post basis or for all posts altogether.

Kelly Winters, Product Manager of Facebook said?in a post?the tools were part of the ongoing effort to develop resources for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives. Facebook hopes that the breakup tools will help people end their relationships on Facebook with greater ease, comfort and sense of control.?The tools are limited to mobile Facebook users in the US for now. The company has however assured that it plans to roll out the tools worldwide tweaking in new adjustments through user feedback.

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