Themselves: Facebook ?Dangers? for Our Kids & How To Fix It!

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Emabrrasing Selfie 1Themselves: Facebook ?Dangers? for Our Kids & How To Fix It!

(Here is Part 3 of our series on : 3 Facebook ?Dangers? for Our Kids & How To Fix It! For those who missed Part 1 & 2? please see link below – Editor)

Previous segments of our 3 part series on ? Facebook ?Dangers? for Our Kids & How To Fix It!? focused on external dangers our children may encounter on social network sites like Facebook. But perhaps the most Emabrrasing Selfie 2potent danger on online networks is much closer to home…..themselves.

Our children, teens and tweens (and most adults too for that matter), are their most dangerous enemies on Facebook. For some reason, people,young and old alike like to take embarrassing ?selfies? or let other people take indecent photos of them that are instantly shared to thousands of family, friends and even strangers.

Most often, these kids do it with the thought of sharing these ?private? photographs only to their closest friends but many of them fail to recognize the rules and nature of social networking. They forget that whatever gets published online may find its way to a wider audience no matter what kind of security settings our Facebook accounts are configured to.

Emabrrasing Selfie 3And this thing goes beyond just a momentary embarrassment for these children. Some of these photos and data that are uploaded can adversely affect their future. A survey conducted by Kaplan Test Prep on the Facebook accounts of a group of university applicants found that thirty percent of the Facebook account of these applicants contained photos or information that negatively affected their chances of admission to college.

In certain cases, the information shared to the Facebook universe is so damaging to a teen’s emotional state that it becomes such a traumatic experience and affects them for many years to come.




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Video: Dangers of Facebook (enko / Youtube)


What to do? – Someone coined a term that I think captures the solution ? The Granny Rule.

Which is simply, Do not post anything online that you would be ashamed to show to your grandmother or grandfather. It is imperative to drillEmabrrasing Selfie 5 this rule on your children’s psyche as a condition for using Facebook and other social networks.

As an additional safeguard, it is also best for parents to familiarize themselves with the privacy settings of Facebook and check their children’s accounts if it is properly configured to limit who can view your child’s timeline and posts. Facebook also has a one-click procedure for hiding previous posts from the public, or other ?contacts? that you feel should not be privy to certain pictures or information. This will Emabrrasing Selfie 4save you time in going over all past updates and photo albums your child may have posted in the past years.

If your child’s account has been severely compromised by external ?dangers? or by mistakes they may have committed, this is no reason to ban them from using social networking altogether. You and your child should use this experience to learn about the ?dangers? in Facebook and to apply the necessary ?fix-its?.

To parents like me, I hope you ?Like? (pun intended) the series we featured and found it useful as you traverse the online networking world with your teens and tweens.


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