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Facebook Buys Face-swapping App Masquerade Compete with Snapchat

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Lately Face-Swapping apps have been taking Google Play by storm. Apparently, social media users have fun swapping faces with friends or putting on animal masks because they find it cute and funny. Facebook has noticed this trend, that?s why Facebook has now taken over the famous app Masquerade (MSQRD) to compete ?with Snapchat.

Facebook has made its move and bought the company behind the famous up. This technology will be implemented to Facebook really soon, according to Tech Insider. They haven?t really disclosed how much they shelled out for the Masquerade app, but both companies have communicated and are very excited to work with each other. This partnership is a great opportunity for Masquerade to gain even more popularity ?and take on a bigger fanbase.

Recently, video communication has been very popular. The company behind the app has expressed their enthusiasm to make video calls and chatting more fun and engaging by creating really cute features such as filters, face swapping and face distortion.

Facebook will integrate the technology into its own list of fun apps in an attempt to take on the video filter pioneer, Snapchat. Snapchat has been very popular recently and Facebook is ready to join the competition. It offers similar features to Snapchat but Masquerade?s CEO Eugene Nevgen said that they only want to bring this technology to even more people.

Facebook stated that this app will still be separate from the actual website, however, they plan to implement the face-swapping features into its own software. Facebook already has impletemented add-ons like stickers and photo filters, and now it wants to join face-swapping hype too. Though, many people are still not into it yet, this could be proven an enjoyable experience specially to those who like to video chat with their friends and loved ones. You can also use it to prank people if it makes you happy.


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