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Facebook Buying Oculus Rift Will Make Sense After a Year From Now

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Testing the Oculus Rift
Testing the Oculus Rift

If you are still one of the slightly unconvinced people about Facebook purchasing The Oculus Rift, you will eventually have a large change of heart after a year from now according to Oculus Rift?s creator, Palmer Luckey.

?Knowing behind the scenes, what’s going on and what we need money to do and what we’re going to be able to do with this deal, I know for myself that it’s the best that we could possibly do,” Luckey mentioned

“So if people give us some time, I think they’ll agree with us. A year from now, everyone–I think even a lot of the doubters, will look and say ‘You know what, they really did make the best choice.?

It was no mystery to anybody involved with the development of Oculus Rift that there is a high risk of stability issues with the rift. This potential problem was dealt with. This even saved them the trouble of having to scrap out smartphone parts in order to develop and build a better product.

The purchase did, however, caused a major backlash to the team behind Oculus Rift. Some even received death threats and many uncalled for stuff that even involved their families.

Despite these obstacles they have to face, Oculus Rift still remained strong and even more so with Facebook behind them. The product?s reinforced ?stability? also means that more AAA game developers will be more attracted to developing games dedicated for the virtual reality headset.

More and more AAA games are being tailored fit to be played with Oculus Rift and this is a very good news for players, and especially some backers who were quite disappointed with Facebook?s purchase of Oculus VR.

Dozens of Top AAA games and even great indie games are being added in their library of supported games as we speak (Team Fortress 2, Slender: The Arrival, Surgeon Simulator, etc.) There is also a number of other unmentioned games that they don?t support natively yet, but works like a charm nonetheless (like Skyrim)

Luckey stated that Oculus VR is, in no way, competing with PlayStation?s Morpheus. He said that it only caters to its consumers while Oculus is after a wider range of audience.

“I think Morpheus is less competitive because it’s for PlayStation 4,” Luckey said. “They’re trying to sell to their people and we’re trying to sell to PC gamers and maybe mobile later on as it gets more powerful. Even if we were competing, I just think we have the best technology and the best team. But I am really excited that they’re doing a pretty good job.”

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