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Facebook Bug Shows Users How Popular They Are, Drains Batteries Faster

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A Facebook bug was recently reported by a number of users on social media indicating that you can see how many people see your posts and other people?s posts on Facebook. The bug is revealed to show view counts on some posts by individual users and pages which should not be visible to their own page, according to the Verge.

?Similar to how Facebook now display the number of views under videos posted on its site, this bug lets you see the number of views on any article or video link, including those from new media and other official organization pages,? reported by the Verge. The bug is currently present on Facebook?s mobile site and not in the official app. And according to Mashable, Facebook is already working to fix the problem.

Other social networks reveal the number of people who have seen posts which includes Vine showing how many times the video is repeated or ?looped,? YouTube providing how many times a video has been viewed, and Twitter giving data about how many times a post has been seen, liked, and retweeted. Facebook chose the option not to show ?how much impact? a post has had, and has only shown the number of likes and comments, shared by the Independent.

A Stanford University study in 2013 made by Professor Michael S. Bernstein and Facebook?s science team indicated that ?the average Facebook user only reaches about 35 percent of their friends with a single post? and that ?over the course of a month, an average user will reach barely two out of every three friends,? according to the Verge.

While the bug has been fixed and you can no longer see the number if views you had, it?s a good thing for Facebook to gradually boost the ego of a user instead of obsessing over the number of views they have.

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