Viral Videos: Teen’s Facebook Birthday Invitation Receives 1M RSVPs

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Facebook Birthday Invitation

A Facebook Birthday Invitation went viral as Rubi Ibarra Garcia’s quincea?era celebration received 1 million RSVPs.

The Facebook Birthday Invitation was posted by her father Crescencio Ibarra, inviting “everybody” to the party, which, of course, the internet decided to take literally.?

The Quincea?era worth 1M RSVPs

Now, what do you do when your Facebook Birthday Invitation turns into a meme? You put on your best dress and just go with it.

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Garcia’s quincea?era, or 15th birthday celebrations is a?significant?rite of passage in many parts of Latin America, typically accompanied by a party, a dress and mass. However, hers became a phenomenon all thanks to the Facebook Birthday Invitation going viral.?

Facebook Birthday Invitation

According to Mashable, more than?one million people RSVP’d to the event on Facebook. Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal?even made a parody video?of the invitation.

The airline Interjet advertised discounted flights to San Luis Potosi and the petrol company Castrol also?got in on?the joke.

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The family, however, mentioned that they only intended the Facebook Birthday Invitation for the people in the area, but they said also that they will not turn down anyone that shows up.

The Facebook Birthday Invitation Outcome

The Associated Press reported “thousands of people” attended the said event. There was live music, a horse race and prizes. And with the event resembling a rock concert, medical and security officials attended as well.

Having your party going viral may seem a bit stressful, but hopefully, Rubi enjoyed her special day despite the crowd. But not everyone that RSVP?d made it to the event and some of them shared how sad they were that they missed the event.

Well, one thing?s for sure, Garcia?s quincea?era was a blast all thanks to the Facebook Birthday Invitation her dad posted online. And of course, to everyone that made it viral and the ones who actually showed up.

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