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Facebook Adds Automatic Subtitling for Videos

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facebook automativ subtitle feature

Facebook rolled out Facebook automatic subtitle feature for its videos. The latest tool makes it easier for the audience to understand the mute and historic clips on the giant social media platform. Facebook has launched a free automatic video captioning tool for the entire US English Facebook pages.

TheBitBag and some other pages recently started noticing the feature. When inquired about the automatic subtitling feature, Facebook replied that the feature was rolling out in October. Right from auto-play video to instant articles, Facebook is continuously engaging in the latest technology to lure an audience. Let?s explore further.

Facebook?s Automatic Subtitle Feature for Videos

The Facebook Automatic subtitling feature was introduced in order to provide better video experience to the users. Powered by voice recognition software, the feature takes the hassle out of transcription. The Facebook even allowed the page admins to edit the subtitles.

The feature even suggests an appropriate edit to the page admins and even points out transcription errors. The tool is completely free and operated by computers. And with the passage of time, the accuracy of the Facebook automatic subtitle feature will definitely improve as page admins will enter corrections manually.

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Facebook?s History for innovative features

The number one social networking platform has quite a good history for introducing innovative features to an extended user experience. Right from Facebook?s Instant Articles to YouTube like video search, the company has rolled out many interesting and innovative features to lure the audience.

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Back in December 2013, the company has introduced autoplay video feature which forced video producers to produce videos even with the sound off. And adding subtitles was the best way for the audience to watch the video within public without headphones.

The page admin can see the ?Generate? button after uploading the video to their facebook fan page. It even allows the page admin to review the subtitling suggestions for their video. The admin can play the video many times to check the accuracy of the video.

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