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Facebook As An Effective Tool For Marketing and Public Relations

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Social media has become an essential, if not important, part of our daily life. Its different uses cater to all types of lifestyles – whether you are a still a student or a professional.

Recently, a new trend is fast becoming popular in the marketing and public relations world – social media as a tool for both of these industries. People ask, “Is it okay to use social media for these types of industries?” The answer is a resounding yes. Most companies now have employees and staff assigned to the “social media department.” It is now considered a vital part of any company or brand. Facebook, specifically, is a must for every company now.

One outside of these industries may start to wonder how this works. Facebook has proven to be a powerful tool in marketing and public relations organizations.


  • Brand Engagement

Through Facebook, fans of a certain brand get a clearer glimpse of what the brand is beyond its traditional media advertisements. Companies can provide more information about their products, goals, events and achievements. Facebook is where brands can post their latest promos and contests, so fans can participate and win freebies. Opinions and suggestions are freely expressed in the Facebook fan page as well. It serves as the “freedom wall” of the customers.


  • Outbound Media Relations

Facebook is also used for answering queries, issues and matters that the brand or company is currently facing. It is very easy to just issue a statement in one post – all the press, fans and people it needs to reach will definitely be reached. If customers and clients have feedback and problems with regards to their products, it is also easy to get back to them. They can either send a message or wall post so the brand can easily address the issue at hand. ?Some companies have even created online forms which customers can fill on their Facebook pages if ever they have problems.

  • Inbound Media Relations

For current employees and personnel, the Facebook page is a great way to make them bond. Announcements will be posted there to inform them of upcoming events. Facebook is also a great way of networking with people or companies of the same interest. Negotiations can easily be settled by looking through a company’s Facebook page and seeing if it is fit for a partnership.

  • Promotion of the Organization

If you are looking for potential employees, Facebook is another outlet to find them. It is not only used for personal use; it caters to people in the professional world as well. The company can post advertisements for applicants to see on their wall.



It is always best to post good things about the company on Facebook. Just think of it as good and honest publicity. If you are genuine about providing good service to your clients, then it won’t be taken as a bad thing.

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