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Facebook and University of Washington to Launch Suicide Prevention Effort

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Image source Wikimedia Commons By Facebook (facebook.com) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Facebook, with the help of University of Washington, will now launch their Suicide Prevention Effort

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms today with over 1.35 billion monthly users according to statista. Everyone can freely share whatever they want as long as it?s allowed in the terms of agreement, from photos to website links and even your thoughts and opinions.

However, people also share their problems on this network and at some point, even show some suicidal tendencies when posting. That is why the company is now launching an effort to prevent this from happening and help those people who are in need of assistance or guidance.

Facebook and Forefront will launch their suicide prevention effort

Facebook is now going to launch their suicide prevention effort for users who are showing suicidal tendencies with their post. Both Facebook and Forefront?an organization that is based on Washington University?will collaborate to help people showing signs of despair on their post.

Holly Hetherington, a Facebook content strategist who are working on this project said [Via Washington.edu] ?Often, friends and family who are the observers in this situation don?t know what to do,? She also added ?They?re concerned, but they?re worried about saying the wrong thing or somehow making it worse. Socially, mental illness and thoughts about suicide are just not something we talk about.?

This is truly inspiring and no doubt the best news one could ever read and apparently, even UW?s dean is also happy with the result of this collaboration. Edwina S. Uehara, dean of the UW School of Social Work said that ?We are very proud of Forefront and excited about the difference that the Facebook-Forefront partnership can make for millions of people who struggle with thoughts of suicide,?

Edwina S. Uehara also added ?The partnership reflects the UW School of Social Work?s core aims: to harness all the empirical knowledge, imagination and skill at our command to solve seemingly intractable societal problems, in partnership with others committed to the task.?

It is always heartwarming to know that there are still many people out there willing to reach out and help you on your time of need.

Image source Wikimedia Commons

By Facebook (facebook.com) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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