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Newspapers before were said to be slowly dying, triggering their renaissance towards digital media just to keep up with the trends. But those who wish to churn out news should not only be contented with releasing content on their platforms, but now focus on tapping audiences on social media as well as a recent study shows Facebook and Twitter are now main sources of news.

Photo lifted from Pew Research Center Website

(c) Pew Research Center

According to a recent study by Pew Research Center, social media is a major place where people gather news or where they can find news content. A dominant percentage of Facebook and Twitter users use the websites to get their daily dose of news.

In 2013, 52 percent were said to use Twitter to get news in 2013. This increased 63 percent in 2015. A total of 47% used FB to get news and this gathered a significant increase when it reached 63% in 2015.

The survey defined news as ?information about events & issues beyond just your friends and family.?

Photo lifted from Pew Research Center website

(c) Pew Research Center

While both networks receive the same number of users who use the sites to consume news, Twitter still proved to be the best place for consuming blow by blow news and live event coverage. More people are on the edge of their seats on awaiting breaking news with Twitter at 53% vs 31% of FB users, the research said.

Both are also pushing aggressively to become the best place to find news as FB recently launched Instant Article which serves as a direct publishing platform for major media companies including the New York Times, National Geographic, and even Buzzfeed.

Meanwhile, Twitter recently acquired Periscope with plans to release it this year. Periscope will allow users to share live videos on your mobile phones.

This survey is not limited to digital natives. The research included all genders, ages, races, demographics, education levels, and household incomes. In 2015, results showed a significant increase of FB users using the site to consume news.

People however still do not consider both Twitter and Facebook as important for their news consumption with FB users saying %4 and Twitter with 8% saying it is ?the most important way I get news.?

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