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Fable Legends Gameplay: Did It Deserve To Be Cancelled?

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Fable Legends was intended to be the first major spin-off from the RPG series and was also going to be one of the bigger titles for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. But, that is no longer the case as the game has now been cancelled and Microsoft is considering to dissolve Lionhead Studios.

Did Fable Legends deserve to get cancelled though? The gameplay showed some promise, even if it was a bit standard compared to other games of the MOBA genre. Players would be able to pay for their favorite heroes, while those who wanted to play for free would have to wait for a weekly character rotation to see if his or her favorite character was available.

Admittedly it did stray quite far from the RPG genre of Fable, but it was intended to be a spin-off. The executives in Microsoft also seemed excited about the game since it was set to be one of the pioneer titles on Windows 10.

However, aside from the Fable title attached to it, Legends didn?t really stand out from other games in the MOBA genre. The fact that the developers made it free-to-play didn?t help matters, since there are a ton of free MOBA games on PC and mobile devices like Vainglory.

MOBA games seem to be struggling to gain an audience since titans like League of Legends and DOTA 2 dominate the competition. Last year, a MOBA called Infinite Crisis was cancelled after a few months despite having a ton of characters from DC Comics like Batman, Green Arrow, and The Flash.

GameSpot has confirmed that those who signed up for the beta will have until April 13 to enjoy the game while it lasts. New players won?t be added to the game anymore and those who have unused gold will be able to get a refund.

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