Fable Anniversary is Coming to the PC

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Lionhead Studios, developer of the Fable series, has released a teaser trailer saying that Fable Anniversary is headed to the Windows PC.

According to the trailer description, since the launching of?Fable Anniversary?on the Xbox 360, they?ve been flooded with requests to have the game ported to the windows PC. The video fills up with different fan messages similar to those lines and then a Steam notification for a friend who?s playing?Fable Anniversary?is shown.

Fable Anniversary?is the high definition remake of the original?Fable?game by Lionhead Studios. The Fable game debuted for the Xbox in 2004 and was later ported to the Windows PC in 2005 and the Mac OS X in 2008.?Fable Anniversary?launched earlier this year for the Xbox 360.

Fable Anniversary?is identical in premise and plot to the director?s cut version of?Fable: The Lost Chapters. Players start the game as a young village boy who quickly loses both his family and village to a sudden violent attack. The boy gets saved by a member of the famous Heroes Guild and is then guided quickly through adolescence to become a full-fledged, card holding member of the guild. By being a member of the guild, the hero is now responsible for contracts as well as trying to unravel a growing mystery within the land of Albion.

One appealing trait of the game that works for some gamers is that the game is an action RPG that is light on stat tracking but heavy on the actual gameplay. Your character has attributes for strength, dexterity, and magic. There are abilities tied to an attribute and you get bonus experience for its respective upgrades. In terms of equipment, there aren?t that many gears and weapons. The game is more primarily focused on easily accessible combat as well as those little moral choices that you have to make throughout the game that reflect on your character. Citizens react to you depending on those choices as well as your appearance. So for example, if you are good, you?ll look the part. If you act like a monster, you?ll appear as a monster.


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