Extreme Home Makeover, Skyrim Style: Dovahkiin-worthy Homes

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Each of us has that one dream home we want to have. Even within the gaming world, we want our virtual selves to have that home that beats all the others. In a game like Sims 3, you have to work for it and make it your own. In a game like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, however, you can go the way of getting a mod that gets the job done for you. And with a lot of them out there, it gets confusing as to what you want to download, and if it?s worth it.

If your aim is to find a home that would be recognizable as the home of your character, the Dragonborn, you really don?t have to look far and wide. A castle would be more befitting his status as champion both of the faction whom he serves and of the whole of Skyrim. If a home is more your style, however, there are also mods that make your modest home a place worthy of one called the Dovahkiin.

Here now are five mods that make your Skyrim playing experience a truly enjoyable one. If you can?t have this in real life, then, at least you can experience it virtually, right?

  • Build your Own Home, Supernastypants

Riverside shack

An expansion pack for Skyrim, Hearthfire, allows the player to build a home within one of three specific holds, depending on whether you?re in good terms with the Jarl, or if you?ve met their conditions for building this home. But what if you don?t have that expansion? Build Your Own Home answers this by providing the player a wooden shack in the wilderness of Skyrim, regardless if they have the Hearthfire expansion or not. The beauty of this mod lies in its customization. You can either be content with the shack, or if you want, you can build a riverside home worthy of your in-game character?s title.


  • Lakeview Extended ? Hearthfire, Ac3s

Lakeview Manor

Another superb mod is this re-imagining of the Lakeview Manor. The vanilla Lakeview Manor, while already impressive once its finished, is like a glaring black spot in the middle of a completely white paper: easy to spot and to access by almost anyone, roaming brigands, monsters, wild animals, and dragons included. With this mod, however, the Lakeview Manor is transformed into a sprawling villa the size of a small hold. You are provided with a complete community of vendors, guards, and servants. There are also small easter eggs packaged along with the mod.


  • Castle Stonespire, Kraeten


One of the most impressive castle mods in this game is Castle Stonespire. It is built right into the face of a mountain, and is located within the hamlet of Dragon Bridge. However, the radiant quest connected with the discovery and owning of this castle explains why the hamlet was called ?DRAGON Bridge?. Once you?ve obtained the keys to the castle, you?ll discover an adequate player home for your character. It has enough spaces to store your weapons and armor, and enough room for your followers, making it an ideal place to gather in.


  • Sjel Blad Castle, Soulbladex

Sjel Blad

If you?ve played the game, there is an instance where you get summoned to a mountain-top monastery by reclusive monks known as the Greybeards. Their mountain-top monastery is an impressive structure; wouldn?t it be cool if you had your very own, too? You can play as neighbor to the Greybeards with this mod. This is a castle situated just south of that place, known as the Throat of the World. Being a castle, it has enough space for any follower, weapon, or armor that you may be carrying. It also comes with followers of its own that you can take with you on quests. There are also guards situated at strategic points to take care of the castle for you, as well as waypoints, which enable you to get to any town quickly.


  • Castle Draco (Riverwood Edition), Draco 1122 and Centurion

Castle Draco-Riverwood

This is another castle mod that features a radiant quest, but a completely different and lengthier one than that of Castle Stonespire. Finishing the quest gives you more than just a reward, however. Aside from gaining a castle, you also gain a mine dug into the face of the mountain just near the bridge going from Riverwood, as well as the title of virtual ruler of Riverwood. It?s just one of the many easter eggs this mod has.

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