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  • Freelancing as well as full-time opportunities in a diverse range of industries
  • Emergency cash grants based on your financial situation
  • Income boosters that offer cash bonus and avenues to save on taxes and health insurance premiums

A lot of people look into freelancing opportunities to enjoy job flexibility, earn additional income, or work on projects that align with their passions. Since the 2020 pandemic and the mass unemployment that followed, millions have resorted to freelancing to keep their household afloat during these uncertain times. The trillion-dollar industry is expected to become a 90 million community by 2030.

The freelancing industry has been steadily growing for decades, and the pandemic acted as a catalyst for freelancing platforms to come into the limelight. One app backed by former NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal called Steady was designed to offer legitimate freelance and full-time opportunities with added income options for those who are going through financially difficult times. 

Steady offers emergency cash grants to those who need it the most. They have partnered with the Workers Lab and have already disbursed $4M in cash grants to users facing extreme financial problems. At the same time, their income booster programs have paid $7 million to Steady users by offering opportunities to earn by reviewing/installing apps, filling up legit online surveys, and availing services that can help save money on taxes and high-interest loans. 

How to Create a Work Account on Steady

Step 1: Download the app.

Step 2: Create a profile with your basic information, location, expected salary, skill set, work experience/certifications, and interests.

Step 3: Wait for Steady to match you with opportunities that might work for you. 

The side gigs found on Steady generally revolve around:

  • Programming
  • Graphic designing
  • Writing/editing
  • Online tutoring
  • Voice acting

Full-time opportunities range from a wide variety of jobs, including:

  • Opportunities at retail stores
  • Jobs in the hospitality industry
  • Personal assistant jobs.

Based on Steady’s estimate, users could earn an average of $5,500 of additional income every year. Steady gigs could fetch you up to $20 an hour. Their income tracker feature may also come in handy, especially for freelancers who have to maintain books of income and expenditure to accurately file taxes.