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Explode with fragrance coming off your bathtub using this relaxing CBD-infused ball

It’s an all in one ball for pain, sleep and relaxation!

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Some of the best things to do coming home from a tiring day are a relaxing spa, a massage, and a warm bath. You deserve any of these, after all. And trying Onyx and Rose may leave you bathing for hours! 


Everyone is entitled to a refreshing and rewarding bath like that with Onyx and Rose Botanic Bombs. These balls of soothing fragrances come with CBD ingredients essential in relieving anxiety, promoting sleep, and alleviating pain. That way, you don’t only come out of the bathroom fresh but bed-ready as well.


These bath bombs come with all-natural components. They originate from organically grown hemp and are all vegan. So, you won’t have to worry about harsh effects on your skin no matter how long you stay in the bathtub.


Other than being safe for humans, this brand is also free from animal abuse. These bath fizzers are not tested with animals, making them cruelty-free and harmless for everyone. No need to feel guilty while you take pleasure in your bath. *wink*


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