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Experts Say Samsung Galaxy S5 Fails to Wow Due to Natural Reason

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Experts Say Samsung Galaxy S5 Fails to Wow Due to Natural Reason

Suwon, Gyeonggi-Do ? The Samsung Galaxy S5, though a great material, has failed to wow the majority of the globe. This was not the company?s fault ? it is nature?s.

When there are new gadget releases, may it be a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or what-not, you will find a lot of people getting disappointed. Experts say that this is maybe because these gadgets have reached their final form. They have come to a point where there could be no more significant adjustments that can be done.

If you will look at it closely, the Samsung Galaxy S5, and all the other phones to be fair, looks so much like their last year?s predecessors. They are more of a redesigned material rather than a new one.

The New Things About the Samsung Galaxy S5

Definitely, there were improvements in the Samsung Galaxy S5. They will not bother releasing another version if they did not change and add some features. However, all these can already be done by other smartphones in the market. There is no one unique feature that can be attributed to it.

Waterproof? Tons have it. There are even separate accessories for it. Fingerprint scanner? iPhone 5S has better offers for it. Samsung can take three prints while Apple takes five.

Even the entire look of the phone has not changed much. They are still using the ever prominent plastic material. However, its lightness, new grip, durability, and convenience were duly noted.

Its Software Could Be the Only Saving Grace

With so many downloadable applications for smartphones, it is already almost impossible to give it a fix. However, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was brave enough to tackle this. It is so annoying to find an app that lags the entire phone. You will have to search through piles of files before you can close it. The S5 fixes this by putting a search button on the settings.

They have also developed a setting that will only make your apps appear when you really need them. This way, you will never have to bother about useless icons on your screens.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a wonderful piece of work, but it lacks the wow factor that everyone experiences during the release of the S3 and S4. What do you think is the missing ingredient? Does it all end with marketing?

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