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Experience safer nights of sleep with the help of this gel and copper-infused topper you never had before

It comes with odor-eliminating properties, keeping your bed fresh and clean.

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Often, a 10-hour sleep isn’t enough, especially when you wake up with body pains because of your bed. The same is true when you lie down on something where air cannot pass through because that’s hot. These are only a few problems every dormer finds relatable. And if you feel like you’re one of them, let me share one product that’ll help you through all these issues.

Are you excited to have it yet? Say hi to Sleepyhead Super Topper, the best way to practice safe sleep?

What is Sleepyhead Super Topper?
The Sleepyhead Super Topper is not like your usual mattresses at home. It may not look thick compared to your foams, but its gel and copper infusions make comfortable and restful nights of sleep possible for you. Not only does it offer easy sleeping moments but also safe ones because of its unique features.

Sleepyhead Super Topper is only one of the very few toppers that take your safety as a top priority. Its gel component makes your sleep cool by increasing airflow, and its copper content helps prevent microbial growth on your bed. With these, you get to ensure both refreshing and clean nights of sleep every time.

What advantages does it have?
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Mite & bed bug resistant
  • Brain activator
  • Promotes spine alignment
  • Pressure relief
  • Enhanced support
The good news is, you won’t have a hard time cleaning this topper. First of all, it comes with odor-eliminating features that make cleaning not a frequent thing to do with your topper. Second, it has a washable fabric cover helping you get rid of the dirt that comes in contact with your bed.

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