Experience quality sleep even after all-screen nights using this light shield that does not only protect your eyes but your gadgets, too

These thin protectors are safe and with approval from experts and sleep therapists

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Whether watching your favorite series or working on a project overnight, your eyes will always get as tired as you are. Excessive exposure to blue light is generally stressful and it can cause a sense of sight deterioration. However, games and movies are always in anyone’s routine and they’re hard to stop. Thus, let me help you land on a solution that won’t make you wait until your eyes get damaged.

Put all your gadgets out and apply Ocushield to all of them!

Why Ocushield?

Ocushield is not like your usual screen protectors. These transparent gadget layers offer a wide array of benefits that do not only concern you but your gadgets as well. This product aims to provide you better sleep by eliminating the effects of blue lights produced by your smartphones and computers.

How does it work?

Stressed eyes link to low productivity, especially when you’re dead stuck in front of your screen. Ocushield works by filtering out harmful blue light emitted by your devices. This medically rated screen protector also protects your skin from any potential damage from blue light. That way, you can be more productive at work, and you can finish an entire series without compromising your vision.

Can I use it on all my gadgets?
Ocushield has screen protectors for the following devices:

  • Smartphones
  • Monitors
  • Laptops
  • iPads / Tablets

What adverse effects does this prevent?

  • Eyestrain
  • Blurred vision
  • Headaches

Is this expert-recommended?

Whether for medical or aesthetic use, you can always rely on Ocushield. Not only does it protect you from blue light, but it’s also recommended by eye-care specialists and sleep experts. So, this brand is safe to use and is a perfect companion for you.