Experience quality massage sessions wherever you are with the help of this infrared heated shawl massager

It comes with premium-grade PU mesh ventilation that makes it safe to use

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Sometimes, you tend to be too busy to hit the spa with all the workload you have, and that’s normal. However, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot relax while working on something. Let me share one body accessory that’s not fashionable but will surely help alleviate back and shoulder pains.

Do you want to have it yet? Meet Banggood Electrical Massage Shawl, your ultimate back companion!

This massage shawl is not like your usual massage device. It uses an infrared heating feature that makes your sessions more relaxing and even more effective than other brands.

How does it work?

This electrical massager aims to eliminate pains on your upper back and shoulders with all the features it has. Wear it at the back of your neck and feel heated physiotherapy with full kneading force. This tool can also promote better blood circulation and remove blood stasis, thus relaxing your body and mind.

What other benefits does it have?
  • Wireless fuselage
  • Pure copper motor
  • Strong momentum
  • 360 rotation kneading
  • Hands-free use

Is it safe to use?

Don’t worry about others who claim that massage tools like this overheat and are dangerous. This massager never compromises your safety. With this, the shawl comes with a quality PU mesh ventilation that helps regulate the temperature during the device’s operation.

$129.99 $160.99

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