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Experience comfort and relief from stress in the form of delicious drinks

These natural-flavored tasty drinks are all you need to stay focused on the daily

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Many of us look for ways to increase productivity, boost focus and enhance concentration. No wonder, all sorts of products and supplements are growing rapidly everywhere in the market. While these brain-boosting solutions can be helpful, not all are created the same, or shall we say, “taste” the same.

The good news is there’s now a delicious and tasty way you can actually “drink meditation” so as to increase focus and productivity while you relieve yourself of stress and experience comfort – all these benefits squeezed in a can of an interesting and tasty drink, Moment.

Moment is a delicious drink formulated to help you clear your thoughts, renew your mind, and get relief from life’s daily stresses. It is made of natural ingredients that can help improve your daily routine by increasing effectiveness and productivity. Because it is made of natural adaptogens L-theanine and Ashgawandha, Moment can significantly boost alpha brainwaves just like meditation.

L-theanine (aka the Zen master)
Found naturally in green tea. This nootropic increases alpha brainwaves – the same ones experienced when meditating – reducing stress and improving mental clarity.

Ashwagandha (aka, the guru)
Ancient ayurvedic root from India. Studies have proven that this adaptogen boosts brain function, lowers cortisol levels, and helps fight stress.

Another exciting thing you’ll love about Moment is that it comes in a wide variety of fun flavors including hibiscus, black cherry, ceylon cinnamon, apple cider vinger, blood orange, and more! Also, it doesn’t come with caffeine, sugar nor artificial flavors.

With its refreshing and exquisite taste and promising benefits, it’s like drinking yoga and meditation into your system – only that it comes in a real flavorful drink in a can your tastebuds will surely love! Care to take a Moment and give it a try?

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