Experience better sleep and wake up feeling recharged through this calming solution in a bottle

It comes with a family of friendly tranquilizers that suit all your needs

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Everyone dreams of falling asleep quickly. You don’t want to spend a couple of hours stressing over insomnia issues after a long tiring day. Unfortunately, sleeping problems exempt no one. But we have a new way to counter these concerns and give you the kind of sleep you want.

Shrug off restless nights and say hello to Tranquility CBD Oil.

What is Tranquility CBD Oil?

Applied Botanics’ Tranquility CBD Oil is a bottle of soothing oil designed to ease the troubles of people who find it hard to sleep. This non-GMO tranquilizer comes with a laboratory-approved formula of targeted terpenes that encourage sedation. It’s like a sleeping pill with much improved benefits and organic composition.

How do I use it?

Drop the prescribed dosage of oil under your tongue and wait for around 40 seconds before swallowing it. You may start to feel the effects within an hour, but don’t worry because there’ll be no buzz sensations. Take this oil every night before going to bed and see the best results after two weeks of consistent use.

What other issues does it resolve?

  • Jet Lag
  • Intermittent Wake Ups
  • Restlessness

What benefits can I get from it?

  • Recharged mornings
  • Whole-day activeness
  • No drowsy feelings

Is this a stand-alone relaxing solution?

Good news! Tranquility is only one among five oils that offer different benefits accustomed to your needs. You can choose among Recovery for pain relief, Focus for productivity, Comfort stress and anxiety, and Vitality for wellness.