Experience a spa-style relaxing soak in the comfort of your home with these CBD bath bombs

The natural essences from these bath bombs are a must-have in your wellness routine

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Most people’s idea of relaxation and de-stressing is visiting a spa. However, doing it on a daily basis may not be feasible when it comes to time and budget. Well, who says a trip to the spa would always be a necessity when you can actually treat yourself to a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home?
Soak into a relaxing and calming experience like no other without stepping outside the walls of your home with these CBD Bath Bombs from Green Roads.
Green Roads’ CBD Bath Bombs are formulated to give you an ultimate relaxation experience and relief from pain. These are infused with plant-based essences and extracts and are an excellent addition to your wellness routine. Because they contain a healthy dose of cannabinoid in them, you’re guaranteed to step into a night of luxurious calmness, peace and pain relief.
What are the ingredients used in these bath bombs Green Roads’ CBD Bath Bombs use a unique combination of CBD as well as peppermint lemon and ylang ylang tree oil. These enchanting elements are combined together to create an ultimate relaxing feeling to help you unwind, get soothed and forget about the day’s stresses.

What benefits do I get from using these CBD bath bombs

CBD bath bombs are generally used to help one feel relaxed and alleviate pain. But there are definitely more to these! Scientific studies claim that CBD plays a role in increasing one’s immunity, soothing joints and muscles and keeping the skin healthy!

These bath bombs are also very simple to use. Gently drop it onto a tub of warm water for a soothing experience. It’s recommended to use each individually but if you want to elevate the spa-like experience, you can certainly do what makes you happy!

So whether you want to calm your senses and relieve yourself from a tiring day, or you need to soothe some aching muscles and get rid of the pain away, these bath bombs are certainly a great addition to your nightly routine and overall wellness essentials!