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Expect New, Dota 2 Original Heroes

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Right after the conclusion of The International 4, the Dota 2 community will now have something to look forward to. According to Valve, we can expect to see more Dota 2 original heroes and more content in the game soon.

During The International?s all-star game, Valve first unveiled the Goblin Techies, which was one of the most awaited heroes by the community. But the Techies release was rather expected by the community for a very long time, along with the Pit Lord. In fact, it?s been quite a while since we?ve seen the release of new heroes in Dota 2, with the Phoenix, Earth Spirit, and Legion Commander being some of the fairly recent.

Now where does that leave us? If you?re still playing the original Dota version in Warcraft 3, you?ll see that there are a total of 112 heroes in the pool, five short of Dota 2?s current 107. This leaves us with five remaining heroes to be added from the Warcraft 3 mod version and if you minus the Goblin Techies, that?ll just be four heroes. These are the Pit Lord, Arc Warden, Winter Wyvern, and the Oracle?not a whole lot.

But is this all the community is going to get?

Thankfully, we all know Valve is a developer who loves adding new content to make their games more dynamic and keep their community interested. Well, there?s good news for all of us.

?There?ll be new heroes, there?ll be new changes to the game,? Erik Johnson, Valve?s Market Director of Operations, told IGN.

Although Valve hasn?t really been transparent in releasing Dota 2 heroes, we can expect all-original heroes to be added in the upcoming patches.

And when asked about a possible Dota 3 installment, Johnson says that ?it doesn?t really make sense. There?s no point where we say, ?Alright, we?re done. Let?s move on to the next one.??

And we totally agree. After a successful TI4 event with almost $11 million cash prize and having 8 million active players, who needs another Dota? Well, certainly not anytime in the near future.

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