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Exogenesis Director Interview – TheBitBag Exclusive!

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It?s finally here! The moment we?ve all been waiting for. As mentioned on my previous post A Look Into Exogenesis , without further ado, I introduce to you the man himself, the director and writer of the game Exogenesis, Mr. Nicolo Sanchez.

Bryan: ? Hi Good day Mr. Nicolo, I am Bryan from First and foremost, it is an honor to have you here on this interview.

Nicolo: Hey Bryan, glad you received my comments. Now I see we have a couple more interesting questions!

Bryan: ? Yes I did receive them, thank you so much for the tips. I?m glad you found my set of questions interesting. Let?s proceed, as for my first question, what was it like to live in the pre-apocalyptic world of Exogenesis?

Nicolo: It depends on where you are. As we?ve been building up in the demo, the center of post-apocalyptic Japan ? or the capital, if you will ? is Novus Tokyo, where the pseudo-government religious organization Sanctus is headquartered. While we?re not yet ready to reveal what it?s like at the core of Novus Tokyo, it?s safe to assume that people there have easier access to resources, right? Outside that, it depends on whether you?re a lone traveller, member of a nomad group, or part of one of the many settlements that have sprouted in habitable places.

We?ve tried to show how life is like in the demo by introducing characters with different backgrounds, such as Haru who?s trying to escape the ?comforts? of Sanctus for some reason, and Nobu who comes from the countryside ? or its version in Exogenesis? post-apocalyptic Japan anyway.

Bryan: ? Which character in exogenesis can you relate to?

Nicolo: A friend of mine who played the demo told me that the game is so me, and I think I knew what she meant. The themes of Exogenesis in general can be very personal at times, and characters serve to support or enhance these themes, so I?d say I can relate to a lot of them, even minor character with backstories. It?s not unusual that a writer would have fragments of their personality in different characters anyway. During the earlier months of development, an incident happened that actually allowed me to relate more with Yu and his unstoppable desire to revive his dead sister.

Bryan: ? Is developing a game really difficult? Because I know for a fact that, it can be time consuming.? Have you encountered any problems during the development phase?

Nicolo:?Being a game developer is an occupation, so it takes time like any other job. Also like any other job, you often get as much as you put in it. This isn?t the case for everyone, but for me, being a game creator is also a lifestyle. Is it really difficult to develop a game? A lot of games in development fail to even reach the market, so it would be wrong to say game development is easy. However, I?m sure I?m not the only indie developer who takes the challenges in stride. In a way, it?s a lot easier than persevering in a job or career that you?re not really happy with.

Bryan:?? Do you have any tips for our aspiring game developers out there?

Nicolo:?The biggest tip I can say within the confines of one interview is that you should engage with game development communities. You?ll find that most people are eager to help fellow devs, and there are important nuggets of wisdom that are frequently thrown around, such as starting with smaller games, constantly improving your skills, managing scope, avoiding feature creep and all that.

Bryan:?? Any message to the fans who are eager to get their hands on this game?

Nicolo:?We?re very thankful to the backers who?ve made Exogenesis possible, so we can?t thank you guys enough! To those who are hearing about our game for the first time, I hope you like what you see based on the information and demo we?ve made available so far. We?ll be hard at work completing an experience that hopefully has the same entertainment value as our major inspirations.

Bryan:?? Thank you so much Mr. Nicolo for this wonderful opportunity.

Nicolo: Thanks a lot for the interview!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, from the director himself, Mr. Nicolo Sanchez.

Photo source: Exogenesis

Credit goes to Mr. Nicolo Sanchez for this awesome interview and to the whole team of the game Exogenesis

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