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Exogenesis Animator Interview – The BitBag Exclusive!

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Now, as promised from my previous article A Look into Exogenesis, ?I present to you the interview I did with one of the animators from the game Exogenesis, who prefers to be known only as Ms. Ritz.

Bryan: Good evening Ms. Ritz, my name is Bryan and I am a writer from So, shall we start the interview?

Ms. Ritz: ?Sure, feel free to ask me anything.?


Bryan: Excellent! So what is your experience working with the team?

Ms. Ritz: ??First of, it is truly an honor to work with everyone, Yoru has me backed up with the animation and Mai’s art is as always, top notch. Each and everyone in the team clearly has their own field of expertise.?


Bryan: What are your first thoughts about the game?

Ms. Ritz: ??I have to admit, when I got invited and read the whole concept, it got me confused especially with the type of gameplay we’re supposed to do. So I think most of the staff that are handling the visuals started off with a lot of “trial and error”. Our concepts were actually rejected numerous times and we have to redo everything. Everyone did their best to produce what we have now so yeah, I can guarantee that there’s no ‘I want it to look/happen like this just because I want to. Take it or leave it.”


Bryan: ?Distinctly, the fans get to take in the game, but as a staff, what does Exogenesis give you?

Ms. Ritz: ?Exogenesis gives me a lot of opportunities to challenge myself and to interact with other professionals from the field. Also as a gamer myself, I think it’s pretty cool to be part of the team who could deliver something that hasn’t been done before, an Ace Attorney/Zero-Escape type of game. That’s a pretty hefty reward already don?t you think??


Bryan: Yes it is! And to be honest, I am also looking forward to the release of the game.

Bryan: Any message for the fans of the game?

Ms. Ritz: Give it a shot, might be a whole new experience for avid VN and room escape gamers out there.

Bryan: Thank you so much Ms. Ritz, it was a pleasure interviewing you.

Ms. Ritz: The pleasure is all mine Mr. Bryan. Thanks!


Just want to say again, thank you to Ms. Ritz for being so cool with this interview. Also, thank you to all the staff of the game for giving us something to look forward to.



Photo source and credit goes to Exogenesis and the whole team.

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