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Exodus of Sol: Now Out On Steam’s Early Access

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There’s a new space shooting game that is now available on Steam’s Early Access. Take a good look at BitPlanet’s new Exodus of Sol!

So what?s new with Exodus of Sol?

The story goes like this….. humans were pushed into the brink of extinction by an unidentified threat.

Earth had become toxic and unsafe for human life, and ?humans were forced?to explore the universe for a new home. After several centuries, human settlements began to sprout across the solar system. Later on, humans learned that the sun was about to die. Alarmed by this imminent threat, they formed a union to search for inhabitable planets.

Your mission is to find an inhabitable place for humans?and face hostile alien races. You will be driving a massive aircraft. You will then engage epic space battles and?liberate mankind. Some survivors may join your fleet. It will be tricky as you will be forced to choose between saving them or saving yourself.

The game is still under development but you can check out some of its awesome features. These are Exodus of Sol?s Early Access Features:

  • Gorgeous Visuals powered by Unreal Technology
  • Dogfight Enemy Fighters and Participate in epic capital ship battles.
  • Improved Flight Physics and Ship Controls
  • 4 Campaign Missions. Additional missions will be added while the game is still on Early Access.
  • Earn Medals based on mission performance
  • New multiple game modes

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Campaign Mode

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Skirmish Mode

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Survival Mode

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Fleet Mode

According to BitPlanet, they will be adding more missions once the game is in full version.

They will be experimenting on?the multiplayer feature of the game.

For the meantime, they will focus more on the Skirmish and the Fleet mode scenarios. The dialogs have not been recorded as of now. You can purchase the game Exodus of Sol for $19.99 to?support its developers.

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