Excited for the Next Harmonix Game? You May Need to Help Them Get it Funded First

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Harmonix is attempting a sequel to the PlayStation 2 rhythm game and they need help in getting it funded. The game is called Amplitude and Harmonix has explained in detail why they need to have the game be crowd funded to be successful.

The common question to ask here would be why Harmonix would have to resort to do a Kickstarter when it?s a successful company already and should have tons of money as they were the ones who made popular titles like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central.

While it?s true that Harmonix was indeed the one that made these popular games, the truth is that at the end of 2010, Harmonix left their parent company Viacom to become an independent developer again. The loads of money (in the hundreds of millions), explains John Drake, Harmonix?s Director of Publishing and Public Relations, that Viacom had to pay to the entity known as ?Harmonix? didn?t actually go to the studio itself. The money was (rightfully) paid to Harmonix?s original shareholders, the same shareholders who backed the studio during the decade before it became the successful company that formed Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

This leaves Harmonix as an indie studio that can only work from contract to contract if it still wants to make big AAA titles. Harmonix is dying to make this game but at its current state, can?t afford to fund the development phase on its own. The company has already exhausted external options for funding before turning to Kickstarter to appeal to the masses for help.

The Kickstarter fund goal of $775,000 won?t actually be able to completely support the development of the game as it is ?less than half of the project budget of the game,? according to Drake. If the campaign is successful though, it would allow Harmonix to fund the rest of the development although the studio is still risking more of its money than it should.

This move is more of an appeal for fans who loved the original game and want it to be seen in the newer generations of platforms. They are also asking support from fans of the studio itself to help make their dream a reality.

If you?re interested to help out, head on over to Harmonix?s Kickstarter page to support. There are around 8 days to go but the campaign seems to be quite a ways off from being funded.

Photo Source: Amplitude Kickstarter page

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