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?The Next Big Game?, Evolve caused a major stir when it was first revealed. Four human players will be facing one other player that will be controlling an alien, more like a monster that grows stronger as the battle progresses. Turtle Rock together with 2k promised that this game will definitely change multiplayer gaming for the better.

The player who will be controlling the monster will start out at a disadvantage ? the monster will be small and weak. For it to gain more power and become stronger, it needs to feed on the local wildlife.
The first monster that was revealed was the fire breathing giant known as Goliath. It?s a dangerous demonic foe that has the ability to fly and shoot lightning. It will be best if the Hunters get to the behemoth? early on to inflict damage, because when Goliath reaches level 3, it becomes a ferocious monster that will be very difficult to slaughter.

On the other hand, the Hunter team will be consisting of ?four distinct classes. The Assault, Medic, Trapper and Support. Every class is going to have multiple characters in the full game, and each character has its own special skills that make them unique to one another.

As you can imagine, teamwork will be very vital to the Hunters? success. If all four of them are on point with each other, they can make a perfect strategy to slay the monster before it become more powerful. However, if the Hunters fail to communicate, they won?t stand a chance against the monster, and might even get destroyed by the animals and wild faunas before they actually reach the main enemy.
Evolve?s group dynamics in play here promise to make the new game one of the most engaging team multiplayer games around.

But if you are that player that is not a ?team-first? kind of guy, that will be fine because the Monster has no teammates to worry about. To play as the monster, you have to stay away from the opposing players long enough to become stronger, then annihilate them with extreme prejudice.
Once the player who controls the Monster is in battle, he or she must select wisely which Hunter to take out first. (Tip: Killing the Medic first is recommended so that they can?t quickly revive fallen teammates.)

The game is really beautiful. The environment?s details are lush; from the plants and trees to the local wildlife. It is hard not to be impressed when a game looks this good.
Evolve will be released worldwide on October 21, 2014.

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