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Evolution Tournament 2014 finally ended. ?Players from around the world, finally get to see the winners of the most exciting gaming event of the year. Winners already bagged their prizes and losers wished they did better during the tournament. However, one of the players ?caught people?s attention, more than the usual. He is just one of many players who won the tournament, but he was using something that players did not expect to see during the games.

A member of the Meltdown pro team, Olivier ?Luffy? Hay went through the finals with a remarkable winning streak using a controller from the original Playstation. While most of the players were using the latest controllers and gamepads, Luffy used an obsolete, probably inconvenient, and unusual controller during the games.

Building up momentum starting from Ultra Street Fighter 4: Loser?s Bracket, Luffy came out with an incredible winning streak. During the last match ups of Ultra Street Fighter 4, Luffy competed against Japanese player, Bonchan, using the said controller.

Luffy used Rose and Bonchan used Sagat during one of the highlights of Ultra Street Fighter 4 competition. The fights became intense that most of the players watching these two crush each other, did not even notice that Luffy was actually using an old PS1?controller. After a series of breaks, some of the players noticed what Luffy was using. They began to hear mumbling about Luffy?s controller. Most of the players would say, ?Really, He?s running game with that?? While the camera zoomed in on Luffy?s controller, many players who lost to Luffy thought maybe he was just giving them an advantage.

In addition, while most of the winners played unlikely characters (fighters mostly neglected during most competitive games), their victories uplifted the character?s ability that might be used during a competitive play.

With Luffy?s victory using an old controller, a lot of players realized that fighting games can be won using something we do not expect.




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