Evo 2016: Soul Calibur 6, Marvel vs Capcom 4, And More Games That Might Be Announced This July

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Evo 2016

One of the world?s largest fighting game tournaments, Evo 2016 or Evolution Championship Series, is coming up this July 15-17. More than just ?being a competition event, this is also a chance for developers to give out major updates on their fighting games and even their new upcoming releases. Here are some games to look out for this Evo 2016.

Marvel Vs Capcom 4

Due to Disney dropping the Disney Infinity franchise and almost clearing up the Kingdom Hearts 3 development, the company may use Marvel to get in partnership with Capcom for yet another crossover fighting game in form of Marvel Vs Capcom 4. ?So far, the Marvel Vs Capcom franchise hasn?t touched on Marvel?s newer superheroes and Capcom isn?t churning out new IPs to include in the upcoming game. Nevertheless, both companies have an abundance of characters to pull out from their older works and make this crossover game once more.

Soul Calibur 6

It?s already been four years since Soul Calibur 5, the last Soul Calibur entry, so Bandai Namco may go in and add another entry to their medieval fantasy warrior fighting game. If we get Soul Calibur 6, we will get to enjoy characters from the medieval, exploration, and even feudal Japan era to get as our playable characters. However, a Soul Calibur entry may be unlikely due to Bandai Namco?s focus on releasing Tekken 7 on consoles at the moment. Despite Soul Calibur 5?s appearance on the main stage last Evo 2012, it wasn?t popular enough to stay relevant in the years that followed and may have stayed as a side event in succeeding events up until Evo 2016.

Injustice 2

Mortal Kombat X developers, NetherRealm Studios, may use this opportunity to announce more details on Injustice 2 revealed last E3. The playable cast in the demos was significantly few and they?ve yet to discuss the plot of this game set in an alternate world of DC Comics superheroes. Additionally, this game will possibly support the experienced Mortal Kombat X players to have another game to enjoy from NetherRealm Studios.

Riot Games? Rising Thunder substitute?

Last March, Riot Games acquired Rising Thunder developers Radiant Entertainment. Rising Thunder was expected to be a fighting game that has easy move executions that helps new players get accustomed and start competing at a regular level. Development on the upcoming free-to-play fighting game was put to a complete halt by the Radiant Entertainment management themselves according to Radiant Entertainment?s Tom Cannon on the game?s official forums. The forum link to Tom Cannon?s announcement has since been inaccessible because the game is gone for almost four months. If Riot breaks into the fighting game market with the Rising Thunder devs, Evo 2016 is a good place to surprise the fighting game community, Riot?s League of Legends players, and casual players aiming to start on a less strict fighting game.

Anyhow, panels are also confirmed according to the Evo 2016 FAQ on their official site. These panels could hold extra details of any upcoming update or new fighting game release and won?t be livestreamed so make sure to attend those events scheduled on July 16-17. The official site will inform you of the upcoming panels so stay tuned.

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