Everybody’s Golf PS4 Beta Preview: An Enjoyable Solo Affair

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Everybody's Golf free roaming gameplay
Free roaming In Everybody’s Golf

Everybody’s Golf closed beta testing concluded earlier this weekend, letting select PS4 owners experience Clap Hanz’s online-focused take on the series. While the beta test highlights how online interactivity works in its semi-open world areas, it still proved to be a satisfying game even when playing alone.

Everybody’s Golf closed beta starts with you creating your own character. There’s enough customization options present to make your character unique from the thousands of others that’ll flock the servers. Aside from being able to customize the dimensions of facial features, there’s a bevy of outfits and accessories to suit your cartoony-looking character. Placing alien-like skin tone or cross-dressing your character is also possible, if that’s your thing.

Soloing Online

The closed beta test allowed us to take our custom character to two main game modes, namely “Open Courses” and the competitive group based match called “Turf War Mode.” While both of these are online affairs, player to player interaction seems minimal for those who simply want to land golf balls inside a hole.

Golfers minding their own business

Open Courses allowed us to fully explore the Eagle City golf course, while getting some golfing strokes in each of its nine holes. There’s collectible cosmetic items in each area as well as coins to collect, which encouraged me to explore the nooks and crannies of the golf course.

Character-controlled characters also populated Eagle City throughout my playthrough, though they were all busy golfing to interact with anyone, which is a shame considering the modest amount of emotes and preset dialogue lines for player interaction. Even the Turf War game mode, which pits two teams to earn as many points as possible on each hole, also feels like a solo affair. While the 4v4 mode places everyone in the same golf course in real-time, everyone simply minded their own business as they tried to perform well on each hole.

You can use your coins to purchase outfits and items in the shop

Enjoyable Solo Play

That’s not to say that Clap Hanz’s introduction of a semi-open world format is a failure. Simply seeing other players jump around and play golf in real-time makes the experience feel livelier, even though it provides nothing more than novelty. Those interested in improving their character’s stats and fashion sense will undoubtedly spend hours of fun on this title, due to the tight but simple golfing mechanics the series is known for. Everybody’s Golf also handles player progression interestingly, which will surely encourage players to play more games than they intend to.

My character in the closed beta test felt rather weak at first, though improvement was felt as i finished more games. Stats, such as striking for longer distances, increase as you play more games ala RPG, which means plenty of grinding and replaying golf courses.

There’s Daily Tournaments where you play all holes in a golf course to test your performance against others.

Everybody’s Golf launches on the PS4 on August 29. It’ll face tough competition with the likes of Yakuza Kiwami, Absolver, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Agents of Mayhem, and Middle-earth: Shadow of War releasing in the latter half of August. For more gaming news as well as other interesting stories, make sure to check out The Bitbag.

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