Evernote and LinkedIn partner up for new business card scanning

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The popular note taking app, Evernote, will be partnering with LinkedIn to link business cards scanned using Evernote to LinkedIn profiles. The updated Evernote app for iOS will be able to pull details from LinkedIn?s 300 million and above professionals to be able to create a new note for each business card that is scanned. There will be a display for contact information, a photo, LinkedIn profile link, and a section for any additional notes you may have.

Evernote?s Andre Sinkov wrote in a blog post saying: ?Business cards are how great things start. Their exchange represents the moment that important partnerships, opportunities, and relationships begin?. He also added that: ?And even in our hyperconnected lives, business cards are just as relevant as they ever have been. The assortment of cards we collect are a physical tie to people we?ve met, places we?ve traveled, and what we?ve accomplished.?

As you can see, Evernote values the importance of business cards and since this applies to everyone, they want to tie that service with the place where professionals gather and that?s LinkedIn.

Importing business cards is relatively straightforward, first you have to open the camera feature in Evernote and then select the ?business card? option. Lay the card flat on a contrasting colored surface, then take a picture of the card and frame it on the screen. The app will then snap the photo and the digitized details will turn into a searchable note. After snapping a photo, you can link your accounts as you will be prompted to sign into LinkedIn. CardMunch users also have the option to begin moving their saved business cards on to Evernote.

There is actually no need to be connected with the business card giver for you to save their professional details. There is an option, of course, to make a connection like sharing your own contact information or saving the person?s contact details in your address book.

The business card scanning feature used to only be available for Premium users. However, with this announcement, regular Evernote users who connect their accounts with LinkedIn will get a year of scanning for free.

The Evernote Business Card Camera app is available for iOS as of right now with the Android version coming soon.

Photo Source: Evernote blog

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