Ever Oasis Release Date And Gameplay Details At Nintendo E3 2016

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Ever Oasis

Nintendo has announced a new action RPG called Ever Oasis during the company?s Nintendo Treehouse livestream. The game is a brand new IP for the 3DS and will be developed by Grezzo, with Koichi Ishii directing it. Ishii also helped create the Mana series, which had a few popular games under its belt like Legend of Mana.

Ever Oasis is set in the desert, with a young boy as a protagonist, according to Gematsu. Together with his water spirit partner Isuna, he hopes to develop an oasis, presumably to overcome the heat that always comes with deserts. Like most RPGs, he will make friends and enemies as he travels along the desert, hoping to make an oasis and even find his own path.

Judging from the gameplay released so far, it looks like a really fun mix of Animal Crossing and Fantasy Life. Players can invite wanderers and travelers to their ever-expanding oasis, so one can assume that a multiplayer component will be part of the game.

There?s also a Monster Hunter-esque dynamic in Ever Oasis, where players can team up with the wanderers and take down toe foes. The trailer shows a giant scorpion to fight, so there should be even more giant creatures that players will have to take down. Expect a multiplayer mode similar to Monster Hunter, where players can team up together and take down the big foes together.

What makes the game interesting is the Arabic influence the game has. Very few games have used settings similar to this, so it?s nice to see Nintendo try something new and different for the 3DS. Admittedly, the handheld is home to many RPGs like Bravely Default and Pokemon, but the setting makes it feel fresh and different compared with other well-known RPGs.

Currently, Ever Oasis is scheduled for an unknown 2017 release date. It?s too early to say if the game will be a smash hit, but it does look like a fun action RPG with the ever-growing oasis acting as a decent distraction from the constant fighting. The setting also helps the game feel unique, making it a must-watch 3DS game.

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