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Ever Oasis: 3DS RPG To Get An eShop Demo

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ever oasis
Ever Oasis is getting a demo. [Image from Nintendo]

As Nintendo decides to focus on the Switch, fans have seemingly forgotten about the upcoming 3DS action RPG, Ever Oasis. Nintendo has also done an odd job of advertising the game, but that could change when E3 comes along. The game will also be getting an eShop demo soon, coming out sometime after E3.

Reddit fans have expressed some interest in the demo, even sharing a leaked image of the upcoming 3DS game. It will be interesting to see if the demo helps the game, since the title hasn’t been advertised too well. At the least, fans will get to try the game out before it’s release, so that could help it out.

A Deserted Paradise?

Despite appearing in last year’s E3, there isn’t much known about Ever Oasis, even though it comes out in June. Some of the gameplay seen makes the upcoming 3DS title look promising, so the lack of advertisements is disappointing. This could hurt the game’s sales when it comes out, especially since the company is focusing on the Nintendo Switch.

In fact, one of the Switch’s upcoming games could hurt the 3DS title, assuming fans no longer use the system. Arms will be coming out on June 16, a week before the 3DS game, which comes out on June 23. This could really hurt the game, so here is hoping that the free demo will be enough to help it.

A Great Demo?

Nintendo has done a great job with these demos, as Pokemon Sun and Moon and Monster Hunter Generations have proven. Ever Oasis could continue that trend when it comes out, and it could even help the game’s sales. It will definitely help, especially since it might come out during E3, so that’s something 3DS owners are excited for.

With an action-oriented combat system and the ability to take care of towns, the game could offer plenty for 3DS fans. Despite the lack of support from Nintendo, the game did leave an impression on some fans last year. Here is hoping that those fans continue supporting this game, since it could be the last great 3DS title coming out.

Ever Oasis comes out on June 23 for the 3DS, with the demo coming out sometime before that. Aside from the leak, there isn’t much known about the demo, so fans might have to wait for the announcement during E3.

Image from Reddit

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