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Even new grads have a chance to experience a steady cash flow through this app

3M users are enjoying a steady income because of this app. You can be one of them too

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Graduating from school is such an achievement in itself, but landing a job or making money is the hardest part of adulting, all the more when you need enough experience to build your resume. But there’s a hack, that is actually backed by Shaquille O’neal, to finding your way towards paying bills on time while you’re still looking for your first full-time job. It’s called Steady.

Steady is an app that lets anyone find jobs, increase their income, and plan for financially stable futures. It provides unique and personalized insights that can help you make the best decisions to ensure you have enough cash in your pockets.

The app offers a variety of ways to earn cash now:

  • Job boards with genuine job openings
  • Income boosters or side hustles that provide quick cash to help you stay afloat
  • Emergency cash grants for those who need to purchase their essentials

And not only does this app give you enough opportunities to earn cash, it even helps you monitor and analyze your cash flow. Take the next step and get even more out of this app with their Steady+ subscription.

Steady+ connects you to even more earnings resources, like their advanced income tracker, where you can easily view and compare all your income trends in a single place, even across multiple accounts. Plus, keep all your expenses and deposits organized with our easy export feature.

Steady has been my backbone through the Pandemic. The resources, ideas, and ways to stay healthy are all in one!! This is a true must have!

Andrea, Steady Member
Adulting may be hard at first, but we’re now living in an age where resources are plenty, and unlimited opportunities are waiting to be discovered. With apps like Steady, you’ll never have to hate the world for making your life hard after graduation. Just open your phone, get the Steady app and start your way towards financial stability.