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EVE Player Grinch Complains About Secret Santa Gift; Receives 6,000 Coal In Return

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EVE Player

An EVE player instantly gets karma by acting like a Grinch and complaining over his secret santa present, he receives 6,000 pieces of coal in the game! It appears you should still learn to act both grateful and nice even in your favorite online game. Join us as we unveil this interesting in-game Yuletide tale.

The Story

Secret santa is that holiday gift giving game that everyone plays just about everywhere during this season. Odds are, you?d expect a small trinket that you?d probably wouldn?t even use. But it’s often common courtesy to act like you love it since hey, it’s the thought that counts right?

One recent EVE player decided to act like Grinch and flat out complain about his secret santa gift. The player went on the his Goonfleet alliance?s forum post to complain about his secret santa?s gift.

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Apparently the player received a custom exterior for a Purifier class of ship. Ungrateful, the player lashed out on the forums on how the gift was both useless to him. He also said how he flat out hated it as well. The player wrote: “I don?t even use f****** Purifiers…I would have liked anything else but a nasty looking skin.”

Unsurprisingly, many players on the forums didn?t exactly side with him. Plenty pointed out that it was just a gift and he should have just been grateful for even receiving one like any normal person would.

However none of the players managed to calm this Grinch down as he continued rambling till he essentially bashed his secret santa with a wide plethora of obscenities. The player then finished his ramblings by saying that his secret simply didn?t put in the effort to give him a meaningful gift.

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The karma for this Grinch of a player was swift. The Goonfleet alliance loves to push out pranks every now and again. His salty rant had effectively annoyed most of them.

The result of his ungrateful rambling had gotten him banned from the alliance, the forums, and even his very own corp. And to top everything off, members from the the Goonfleet then sent the player pieces of carbon in his in-game mail.

There is no coal, but this is essentially coal in the game. The EVE player?now currently has about 6 thousand pieces of coal to remind him to have manners in Eve. We have a feeling that number is set to keep on going up though.

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