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EVE Online Is Free-To-Play, But Is It Worth It? Pay 2 Win & Community Analyzed

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EVE Online Is Free-To-Play
EVE Online Is Free-To-Play

Eve Online finally joins the ranks of other free to play massive multiplayer online (MMO). Eve Online has become a great success with a cult-like following in its space MMO niche in recent years.

The news of Eve Online becoming free is great especially for players who have always wanted to try the game but never bothered due to its previous pay wall. However, the drastic move has come under fire a bit, raising many concerns.

But of all the questions worth raising, one stands to be the most prominent. Is Eve Online still worth playing? Especially in 2016, with so many other newer and more competitive games already out in the market?

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Although there are many ways to tackle this question, we?ll be looking into two of the game?s most questioned dynamics for free to play players. Is it a pay-to-win game? And is the community toxic?


Pay-to-Win ?

Pay-to-win games have been crucified by so many gamers all over the world. It?s essentially when a developer decides to give players an unfair advantage by giving them the option to buy items, stats, and all sorts of unearned perks in order to get ahead of other players who?ve worked hard for their success.

Eve Online?s latest expansion: Ascension is up and is open to free-to-play. However there were some drastic changes made.

All characters have now been categorized. One category is called the Omega clone and is similar to the current paid players of Eve. Omega clones have unlimited skill progressions and training.

The Omega Clone character category is unlocked with a payment of $15 a month. Players who don?t pay are limited to ?Alpha clone character?. Essentially these characters are handicapped version of the Omega Clones in terms of skill progressions and training.

Although this distinction in characters is already enough for purists to call this decision as a pay to win one, it?s still within reasonable boundaries. Hardcore gamers who don?t shell out for the perked Omega Clones may be able to close the gap but casual gamers who want to be competitive may need to consider dropping the extra $15 dollars a month.

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As for Eve Online?s community, so far there haven?t been any real big issues. Unlike League of Legends or CS GO, there isn?t a large number of salty players making the community toxic yet.

What?s interesting is the fact that the developer is actually taking proactive steps in making sure the community stay healthy after making the leap into free to play.

Kotaku was able to get a word from Eve Online?s Executive Producer Andie Nordgren. Nordgren explained in detail that him and his team have already made precautions in order to safeguard the community from both player harassment and exploits.

Eve hasn?t really fallen into the trap of pay-to-win yet but it?s pretty close. The community in general seems alright and the developers are hoping to keep it that way. Odds are, these aren?t going to change anytime soon unless something big happens.

So is Eve Online worth playing as a free-to-play game? If you already love its unique theme, and interesting gameplay, then the answer is yes. And even if you?re not sold on the game yet, it’s worth at least a good try now.

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