Evangelion Unit 01 Statue Gets Guinness World Record For Largest Evangelion

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The series Evangelion has been a titan in the history of both manga and anime. It also helped pave the way for other mecha themed franchises. It is now even more famous after their Evangelion Unit 01 statue grabbed a Guinness World records title.

This towering Evangelion Unit 01 has attained a certificate from the famous Guinness World records. The certificate states that ?The largest Evangelion was achieved by Evangelion Test Type-01? and was given on January 3.

Khara Inc. of Japan along with Neon Genesis Evangelion creator, Hidekai Anno spearheaded the project. SCLA (Shanghai Character License Administrative Corporation) and Heitao Interactive, which are both from China, assisted in this project as well.

The statue made its debut at ChinaJoy gaming expo last Tuesday (January 3). The total height of the statute, including the ?Spear of Longinus?, stands at a whopping 24.8 meters (around 81 foot).

The project was able to attain the Guinness title with the help of the Unit?s weapon. Without the added height of it, the statue would only stand around roughly 13.2 meters. This is by far the tallest and grandest Evangelion project ever seen in an ?Eva (Evangelion) expo? since the event first started in China way back in the year 2013.

The statue is by far the most accurate replica of the anime?s Eva. The series? main protagonist, Shinji Ikari was responsible in piloting the Eva Unit-01 robot. This is also probably the most famous Eva in all of the series.

This would be a great promotional tactic that Hidekai Anno can use for the upcoming Evangelion movie. This project fits in perfectly for the possible release of the film this 2017.

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The statue stands at an open space and is free for everyone to appreciate and admire. Any anime fan would die to see the Evangelion Unit 01 stand tall and proud in all of it?s fighting glory.

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