Euro 2016 Predictions Of Goldman Sachs Vs. Bing: Which One Will Hold True?

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France vs Ireland
France vs Ireland

With the ongoing Euro 2016 Championships excitement stirring football fans of several countries to aspire to their nation winning the coveted trophy, predictions from two credible sources suggest that the competition will be between just the top few teams.

According to predictions by American multinational banking firm, Goldman Sachs, France will go on to win the UEFA European Championship. Goldman Sachs’ economic research team said that its prediction models give edge to the French team with 23.1% chance of victory in comparison to 19.9% for 2014 World Cup winners Germany. The third place is held by defending champions Spain with a 13.6% chance of victory and to the disappointment of British fans England is seen as fourth most likely to win with 10.5% chance of doing so.

Goldman said that the bank researchers used data from thousands of previous games and besides overall outcomes went into great detail forecasting the outcome of every game in the championship’s knockout stage. Forecasts suggest that France will beat Germany in the semifinals while Spain will beat England for a final between the French and Spanish teams.

On the other hand Microsoft?s search Engine, Bing predicted that Euro 96 champions Germany will repeat the feat 20 years on and lift the trophy at in the Stade de France final.

Bing predicted the outcome of the entire tournament using a combination of social media analysis, online search and performance evaluation. While both Goldman Sachs and Bing have predicted that England loses to Spain in semifinals, Bing has given edge to Germany over France who ultimately will win over Spain too.

As to regards to which of the predictions will come true Bing seems to have the right answer as the search engine previously has successfully predicted the outcome for events including the Scottish Referendum, FIFA World Cup, Oscars, and Cricket World Cup. In fact, Research scientists at Yahoo and Tumblr have also predicted Germany will make it back to back major tournament wins in France. A combination of Yahoo Sport data and analysis of over 24 million Tumblr blogs was used to come up with a prediction for the how the tournament will play out.

Goldman isn?t predicting for the first time either although their 2014 World Cup prediction that host nation Brazil would win the title, giving them a 48% chance of doing so proved to be wrong. Brazil was knocked out at the semi-final stage of the tournament, losing 7-1 to Germany in a game that shocked pretty much everyone watching.

While they failed to pick Germany as the eventual winner, Goldman noted that its modelling, when fully updated, ?predicted the winner of every match in the knockout stage except for the 7-1 semifinal between Germany and Brazil.?

So there is still hopes for the French team while England will likely have to play better to defeat Spain in the semifinals. Current Euro 2016 standings of various teams however do suggest that France, Spain, Italy, Germany and England are leading in their groups and have the chance at being the future champions.

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