Euro 2016 Final Viral Video: Watch Young Portugal Fan Consoles France Fan

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A young Portugal fan consoles a France fan? This is one of the reasons why we love football and why football fans are the best. In the aftermath of Portugal?s surprise 1-0 defeat of France to become the Euro 2016 champions, a video has gone viral of a young boy consoling a young man who is crying.

In the video, which has been picked up by a number of news organizations such as Newsbreak and ITV News, the young man was wearing the customary blue shirt of a France fan while the little boy was garbed in a red shirt, signifying that he is a supporter of Portugal.

Here, watch the video of young Portugal fan consoles a France fan and feel the love between these fans.

As you can see, the young boy approached the young man who had earlier thrown up his hands in frustration and shedding tears probably after the final whistle blow signaling Portugal as the winner of the Euro 2016 Final. The young man then covered his face and continued to cry.

It was endearing how the young boy reached out for the young man?s hand and started to console him. The young boy barely reached the young man?s shoulder but that didn?t stop him from reaching up and patting the shoulders of the distraught fan.

More than the responding hug that the young man gave the young boy, what is really poignant and funny at the same time was the boy waiting for the young man to walk out of sight before he celebrated his team, Portugal?s win.

Portugal became the unlikely Euro 2016 champions following the extra-time goal of Eder at the Stade de France in Paris, making a lot of French hearts break.

Undeniably, we?ve heard of a lot of violence among football fans but we also see a lot of love among them. Not only that, there is also a lot of love between footballers and their fans. Here, watch a video of Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo allowing a fan to have a selfie with him even when it took awhile for the fan to set up his phone and making the security wait in the process.

The video of the young Portugal fan consoles a France fan is the kind of video that ought to be shared to spread love. For more tidbits on sports, entertainment and tech news, keep it here on TheBitBag.?

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